Friday, October 12, 2007

Obituary of Nobel Prize

Today is just another day.

Everyday we go by our own business. Some celebrate certain events, some mourn for certain events, and some feel indifferent for certain events. The significance of today is the death of Nobel Prize, the award that has inspired so many people since 1901. The truth of scientific spirit and discipline, unshaken, has sustained never-ending painstaking debates and cross-verifications, and the pinnacle of the honor in our time, the Nobel Prize, has graced those who humbly explored the new realm of the nature by faithfully defending the integrity of science. It is no more.

Science is humble, but scientists are arrogant.

A joke I used to make, every once in a while when the opportunity presented itself, was that if I hadn't been distracted or sabotaged by certain things during my teenage/young adulthood years, I could've won a Nobel Prize by now. Well, the joke had more to do with my respect for the Nobel Prize than my actual potential per se. So what happened all of the sudden I mourn for the death of the Nobel Prize? DIdn't the Nobel prize panel just gave out awards over the past few days?

It's all because of the inconvenient Nobel Peace Prize winners Al Gore and IPCC( International Panel on Climate Changes) for their manipulative work of anthropogenic (man-made) global warming. The presentation of the award has symbolized the death of the Nobel Prize. For that, I'm writing this obituary to mourn for the corruption of the Nobel Prize review panel and disgrace to our science community.

My loyal readers should've known by now that I am very vocal about my displeasure of the political crap surrounding the anthropogenic global warming issue. In order to illustrate the atrocity of Nobel Peace Prize review panel's incompetency, let me borrow some words I used in another on-line debate about anthropogenic global warming to demonstrate Al Gore's inconvenient baloney.

The National Academy of Sciences, for instance, acknowledge that Man-made global warming is "very likely" but confess there is little certainty or agreement regarding its extent or effects.

The IPCC (funded and controlled by eco-extremists Ted Turner and Tim Wirth)
is certain that men are causing global warming and in 2001 forecast that melting ice caps would cause a sea level rise of 18". Once it became evident that the ice caps are not melting they conveniently ran out of funds to reassess the actual amount of sea level rising. Of course even that 18" figure was based on their "mid-level" emissions scenario which NASA has roundly rejected as being extreme.

And then there comes Al Gore, who shamelessly announces that all the ice on earth will melt to raise the sea level by 20 feet.

What mainstream scientists do agree on is that

1.) the earth is warming, and man is probably a part of the cause
2.) If you get your money form Ted Turner you are likely to make wild predictions about sea level rising.
3.) Al Gore is completely off the chart predicting sea level to rise many times higher than now-discredited IPCC predictions.


a) NASA and NAS making moderate statements, hedged with lots of doubt and counter-studies.
b) IPCC making radical statements that the first two organizations reject.
c) On the far left is the Union of Concerned Scientists(UCS) making even more radical predictions that everyone outside the UCS rejects.
d) Of course, Al Gore outshines them all. His 'Inconvenient Truth" can only be true if the most radical scientists above understate the issue by at least a factor of five.

That's what the late Nobel Prize is honoring: a character and an institute that shamelessly abuse human trust by fabricating lies and manipulating scientific data to gain seeming moral high ground. For a century, Nobel prize has graced the brightest and most diligent minds having walked on the face of the earth in our time. And yet, an obscure antithetical force has invaded the very core of scientific integrity. On one hand Nobel institute has the credential of honoring the great discover of particle physics and the invention of semiconductor transistor, but on the other hand Nobel institute just glorified charlatans who exercise junk science. When you start celebrating junk science in the face of the science integrity of discipline, you discredit yourself as a scientific body.

Today, Al Gore celebrates his Nobel Prize. But I mourn for the death of the Nobel Prize.

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