Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Carbon Belch Day

Have you had enough guilty feelings about burning carbon by driving your kids to and fro in your minivan for soccer practice, using your lawnmower to mow the lawn of your 2 acre yard, keeping your room temperature at 70 degree Fahrenheit for a new born baby in New England in the dead of winter, or buying a computer that has all the memory and CPU made in Taiwan but consumed thousands of gallons of gasoline to travel around the world before it reached your doorstep? Worst yet, every time you exhale that little evil carbon dioxide, as the environmental extremists label it, comes out of your body to pollute this planet. Doesn't it make you question your very existence every time you try to keep your basic bio-mechanical processes, A.K.A. breathing, going? Life is such a struggle, isn't it?

Hopefully, you are not one of those who feel OK about everything listed above for themselves but keep telling their friends to conserve for the sake of the planet; nor one of those who has deep pockets and pays for carbon credits for a luxury lifestyle, polluting the planet on one hand while buying their self-righteousness with carbon credits on the other.

Therefore, yours truly declare that carbon is the new sex symbol of the 21th century: can't live with it, but can't live without it.

A piece of good news for those who are intelligent enough to understand the bogosity of carbon credit: Carbon Belch Day is around the corner.

What's Carbon Belch Day? Easy, it's simply a day to live like a normal human being, without your dignity being taken away by those environmental extremists. You are encouraged to temporarily forget about anthropogenic global warming, carbon pollution, carbon credits, and every carbon related environmental issues spewed out of nothing over the past 2 decades. As a matter of fact, you are highly recommended to live like a human being in the '60 or '70, when the same environmental extremists declared the inevitability of the upcoming ice age, living with dignity, and most importantly maximizing your potential.

As the Carbon Belch Day promoters suggested, you may indulge yourself in many ways, such as:

Host a Barbecue(don't forget to invite yours truly)

Drink beer(don't drink the American beer, instead, drink the beer coming from Belgian that requires gasoline for shipping)

Watch TV(especially the plasma TV that sucks electricity like there's no tomorrow. You need to admire the quality of the plasma TV images to get your eyes worked up)

Drink bottled water(hey, the water from my well smells like sulfur. Don't I have the same right to drink tasteless water as Al Gore?)

Smoke 4 cigars NOT(C'mon, smoking is not a good idea, health-wise, so why going extra miles to sabotage your own argument)

Let's cheer for the Carbon Belch Day and sink the carbon credit to delinquency.

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Anonymous said...

I'll also take my 3/4 ton Yukon XL out for a ride BY MYSELF.