Sunday, August 31, 2008

Famous Pirates

Yours truly and his family spent the past weekend in the Storyland, NH. The sun was up, the summer rain was gone, and the world is new. A buck reduction of the gasoline price over the past few weeks didn't hurt, either. Due to the last-minute decision to visit this watered-down version of Disney, I'd had a hard time to book a hotel room. Eventually, I found a place to stay, which cost me around 200 bucks per. Considering the labor day weekend, one of a busiest traveling weekends of the year, it actually wasn't such a bad deal, as long as you do not care about dining in a restaurant, which is not in the hotel.

Funny things happened at Storyland though. The most memorable one was the buccaneer pirate ship ride. You waited in line for about 15 minutes, then bingo, you got onto this lame pirate ship wanna-be. About 20 something seats available for kids and parents alike to enjoy this pirate ship ride. Before the ship set sailed, the pirate queen, AKA the captain of the ship, asked everyone on board if we knew any famous pirates. My dear 6-year-old answered promptly "captain Hook". The pirate queen replied "good, anyone else?" Well, the following 10-15 seconds there was only mumbling. I thought to myself, "come on people, this is pathetic.", then I decided to be cute. "Obama" I shouted.

It was silent in the whole ship for about 10 seconds. I guess I killed the enthusiasm, right there. Of course, the pirate queen couldn't just seal her lips for the whole ride. After all, Storyland pays her minimum wage to play the female villain. She needed to honor her contract by entertaining the crowd vocally. In the meantime, the ship approached a treasure box on the shore. She shouted "look at that treasure box and all the gold and jewels, they are pirate's treasures." I then blinked to my wife "that's the tax payers' money".

This Obama-rama is quite breathtaking. It reflects of more a current political culture than Obama himself as a candidate. Obama's refundable tax credit is nothing more than an income redistribution, i.e. if you don't pay taxes, government will send you a check to reward you. If you pay taxes, sorry pals, you will not get even a penny from your dad's brother Sam. Translation: Uncle Sam will force you to write checks to those non-taxpayers, in the name of communism. Of course, Obama doesn't have the audacity to declare communism himself. However, what he proposed is exactly that: Taking from the haves to the have-nots.

It's piracy.

However, if you have a chance to talk to some less educated friends, you would be disappointed with their reactions. "So what, Obama only wants to raise the tax for those whose income are over $250,000. I'm not making that much so why do I care?"

Ladies and gentlemen, you should care. The majority of the Americans are employed by small business owners. Many business owners file their tax returns under their own names. Mrs. Smith owns a flower shop, with 8 employees, down the street, she makes more than $250,000; Mr. Johannson has a bookstore, with 10 employees, he makes more than $300,000 annually; Mr. Donaldson runs a local hardware, with 6 employees, and he makes more than $350,000 per year. You raise their tax, then you will kill their business. The impact is not only those business owners, but also the employees working for them. You raise the tax in the name of combating inequality, but what you really accomplish is to take people out of their work. You want people to rely on the government, but you conveniently ignore the fact that government's resources are from people's production. If people don't produce, government will have no income tax. Have you notice that in the socialist society of the western Europe, small business can hardly survive? Higher tax means the death of entrepreneurship.

What makes America special is the spirit of entrepreneurs. We risk for a better future. By working hard and working fair, everyone has a shot. Every given day, people are waiting in line to become Americans, simple because in America everyone has an opportunity to be what they want to be. Do you see people waiting in line to become a citizen of France? Germany? or Britain because of better opportunities there? Ask yourself. If you really want America to be like Western Europe, maybe you should've gone to Europe; if you want America to be like America, Reject the socialism that is so widely promoted by the media.

America is not without problems. We don't need a divine government to fix the problems, after all, there is no divine government. We need everyone to be educated about the system and be accountable for the system. If everyone can be self-sufficient, the pirating, AKA the income redistribution, will not be attractive. Instead, the pirating will be a disgrace to our dignity.

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