Thursday, September 4, 2008

A Star Was Born

Sarah Palin, a small-town hockey mom with 5 kids, beat all the odds to rise to the top of our national political stage. She doesn't have the Ivy league credential, nor a prestigious bloodline. She, just like you and I, is a regular American. We Americans mind our daily business, we pay our taxes, we help each other, and most importantly we love our country. The American spirit is about that everyone has the opportunity to succeed, and it is that spirit to bring me to America from the other side of the Pacific Ocean. To me and many many other Americans, Sarah Palin's story is inspirational. She signifies the beauty of our system.

But the elite media think we are stupid, and they think Palin is stupid, too.

Elite media promote progression, period. They despise the traditional values, although they rose to fame through the traditional system. Irony? No, they want monopoly. Once they destroy the system, they will be in the position to dictate a new system, just like the hierarchical system in the Western Europe. What the elite media are afraid of is the very same rise of hard-working Americans. They simply don't want you to know that the system is still functioning. As long as they can convince you that the system is broken, they can advocate their system. Sarah Palin's story threatens them, therefore, elite media want to destroy her.

Wait a minute, how about Obama? Isn't his story also inspirational? How come media is on his side? Rudy Giuliani nailed it last night: Obama's rise is remarkable in its own right — it’s the kind of thing that could happen only in America. The difference between Palin and Obama is that Palin advocates the existing system while Obama opposes the exsting system, even though both came through the very same system. To use simple English, Obama helps media making the case, while Palin sabotages media's case.

Nevertheless, Palin gives America a hope. In these dark hours of American history, when American values are under siege and people are losing faith in our system, Palin's rising reminds us that the very same system is not yet broken and our values are still strong. For too long, inspirational American stories have been ignored. Partisanship has overshadowed our political landscape. Americans were in despair, impatient ones are longing for change just for the sake of getting out of this stagnancy.

Despair no more. A star was born.

Palin has demonstrated that:

1. Integrity can make a difference
2. Ability to govern is not dictated by the Y chromosome
3. Inspiration is not from celebrity nor fairy tale. It is from the ordinary people meeting their daily challenges
4. It's common sense, not the sophisticated academic advice, to fulfill our potential
5. Heroes are all around us but we take them for granted
6. God has purposes for everyone of us, no matter how insignificant we believe we are.

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